Thursday, February 28, 2013

39 weeks and at the end!

I know I am missing a few weeks, yet again, but I do have the posts almost finished. I have been keeping notes and trying to get photos to add to each. I will go back and update the weeks I am missing, but before then, let me update everyone to right now. 

Tomorrow morningg I am going in for a scheduled c-section. Yup, that means baby girl will be here in less then 12 hours!!! I am so excited and yet so nervous! Tyson is staying with my parents and my husband and I are spending the night at a hotel so were closer to the hospital. Thanks to this wonderful new winter storm, we didn't dare chance driving down early tomorrow morning.

As excited as I know Tyson is to be a big brother, I also know that this transition will be a hard one. Seven years is a long time to be an only child, but I know we will adjust to being a family of 4 in the days to come. I have promised him that once I come home from the hospital we will still have our special time together everyday. I have always been the one to give last cuddles and tuck him into bed and I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't change. 

So in these last hours before she is born, I am checking and rechecking my lists that I have everything we need for the hospital, everything we need at the house to bring her home and everything for Tyson has been taken care of, yet the most important and number one thing on my list is still unchecked. This little girl is still without a name! Jeff and I have gone through dozens of baby name books, Internet searches and ideas from family and friends, yet we still haven't been able to narrow it down and decide what to name our little girl. I am really hoping that once we see her tomorrow we will know what her name should be, but until then, if you have any ideas please let us know. At this point we could use all the help we can get. 

I promise I will update with lots of pictures once she is here. The hospital gets really boring so I am sure I will have more then enough time to get it done. :)