Saturday, January 12, 2013

Libster Blog Award

    I am SO excited to have been nominated for my first Blog award! Thank you so much! It is such a wonderful feeling to think that my words have helped even one person.
 I was nominated by the amazing and wonderful Lexi and Sarah from the blog Our Baby Making Journey. Please make sure to check out there story here. They have been working so hard at trying to start their family and have been through some very hard times. They are so strong and together they just found out that their PREGNANT!!! I am so excited for them and am looking forward to following their journey!!

So what do I do from here?! I now share the love to other bloggers and I also answer some fun questions from the person who nominated me. I then nominate 10 other bloggers and give them questions to answer. I am so sorry if I can not nominate all 10 though. I don't follow that many bloggers and most of the ones that I do, have hundreds of followers. I will try my best though and please remember that those I do nominate are  very special to me.

Here are the questions sent to me from Lexi and Sarah.

1. What is your favorite season and why?  My favorite season has always been fall. I love that the weather is getting a little cooler and that the world just seems to come alive with color. Living in a country for two years where the leaves do not turn into brilliant reds, yellows and oranges makes me appreciate the magic of the season even more. 

2. What is something you cant live without?  My children. This past year I have had to say goodbye to a lot of wonderful people and as hard as it was, I know each and every time I look at my son's face or feel my daughter kick in my belly that I honestly don't know how I could ever breath again without them here with me. I pray harder than anything that I never have to say goodbye to one of my children again.
3. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  Italy!!! I have always been in love with the Tuscan hills and the old world feel. I love how life there just seems to be so relaxed and calm. The amazing views and strong family values is something that I hope our entire family can experience someday.

4. If given the ability to change one thing in this world what would you choose? Honestly, to force people to value life more. Not only their own, but also the life of others.  

5. Do you have any regrets in life?  I have moments in my life that I am not proud of, but I can't call them regrets. It was those moments that brought me to where I am and I could never change something in my past that might change my present. 

6. Why did you start blogging?  I started my first blog to share our journey as we traveled to a new country to live. Then I started this blog to share my story with trying to conceive and to find and give support down a path that needs all the support possible. I am very lucky and blessed because that wish was granted and I have met some amazing people have helped me more then they will ever know. 

7. What is your best trait?  Physical trait I would have to say my eyes, mostly because my son has my eyes and I am in love with his. :) Personality trait, I would have to say my since of humor. It has gotten me through some really tough times and when you can laugh at yourself, life is always more fun.

8. What is your worst trait?  Physical I would have to say my feet. There is nothing cute about a size 11 foot with a second toe larger than the first lol. Personality would have to be the fact that I have a hard time really trusting people. I use to trust so quickly and it got me hurt too many times. 

9. What is your best childhood memory?  Christmas. Every year my parents always made Christmas such a special and magical time of year.

10. Who are 3 people you would love to have dinner with (living or dead)?  Wow good question. The first would be my baby, just to be able to hold him or her in my arms, even for a short time would be the greatest gift ever. Never having held him or her will always leave a huge since of emptiness in my life. The second would be my brother and then I would give that dinner to my Mom. She never got to hold him after he died and I would love to give her that gift. The third would be my Grandmother from my Father's side of the family. Though she is still alive, I haven't seen or been able to speak to her in years.

11. Who is someone you miss?  I miss a lot of someones but my baby is someone who I miss fiercely. I wish I knew if by baby was a boy or a girl so I could give him/her a proper name. I wish I knew they were being taken care of they way I would and he or she knows how much I love and miss them. I will never forget you.........

As for my Liebster Blog Award nominations!!
 1.  Stone's Throw Away An amazing blog by an amazing writer. I love how she puts a special spin on even the most ordinary subjects.
2. Before The Morning  A family who with their strength in each other and in God have overcome so much.
3.Annabel Leigh Villadiego An inspiring blog about an inspiring little girl who like my niece lost her battle with T18.
4. The Macs Even after unimaginable loss this Mom still finds the strength to be an amazing and find strength in God.
5. The Kings I'm not sure if she has less then 200 followers, but after loosing her son and her husband within months, she needs all the support and love that she can get.
6.Our Baby Making Journey! I am not sure if I am suppose to include the person who nominated me, but they are very special and truly a blog you should check out!

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