Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sick Sick Sick

The flu has hit our house and has hit it hard. I have been sick since right after Christmas and my family followed suit within days. With raging fevers, horrible coughing and feeling just overall pathetic, things around here have come to a standstill. My Christmas tree is still sitting in the living room, although I did find the energy on one day to at least undecorate it. Santa and his reindeer are still around every corner, the laundry is piled a mile high, dishes are still soaking in the sink, and the dust bunnies under the bed are ready to attack the minute we let our guard down. My son, who is thankfully feeling much better, has been given a free-for-all time limit with the ipad and my husband's honey do list has scattered in the wind. 

After almost two weeks of fighting off this crud, I am off to my primary care doctor tomorrow to find out if the flu has developed into pneumonia. Hopefully with a few antibiotics (ones that I will quadruple check to make sure of their safety while pregnant) will get me feeling like I am once again amongst the living before the end of the week. Although I don't know how I will be able to stand even one more day of this coughing because hey, why sugar coat it, couching while pregnant leaves nothing but piles of extra laundry because it just can't be done without peeing yourself! At least not by me! Thankfully on the one day my husband felt well enough to venture outside of our house, he purchased two very large boxes of pads to at least give me the fighting chance to stay in the same pair of pajamas for more then a few minutes.

At least I know that baby girl is still doing wonderfully! We had another appointment on the 3rd and my doctor was very happy with her progress. Her weight and everything are right on track, although my fluid is a little low due to my own dehydration. The numbers I gave her for my sugar have been more then spot on and I am really hoping that in a few days they can confirm that the glucose test I took was in fact wrong and I am NOT diabetic. I am not going to kid myself too much though, having been so sick, I have not taken my sugar regularly in weeks. It's not that I am purposely being lazy, it's just that there is nothing to check when I can't keep a meal down. I have lost over 6lbs so far, but as long as baby girl keeps growing, it isn't too much of an issue. 

So that's where things stand at the moment. With a house full of flu ridden (and quite pathetic in my opinion) individuals who are trying there best to get better so we can continue to get our home ready for this little girl. 

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