Saturday, January 12, 2013

Libster Blog Award

    I am SO excited to have been nominated for my first Blog award! Thank you so much! It is such a wonderful feeling to think that my words have helped even one person.
 I was nominated by the amazing and wonderful Lexi and Sarah from the blog Our Baby Making Journey. Please make sure to check out there story here. They have been working so hard at trying to start their family and have been through some very hard times. They are so strong and together they just found out that their PREGNANT!!! I am so excited for them and am looking forward to following their journey!!

So what do I do from here?! I now share the love to other bloggers and I also answer some fun questions from the person who nominated me. I then nominate 10 other bloggers and give them questions to answer. I am so sorry if I can not nominate all 10 though. I don't follow that many bloggers and most of the ones that I do, have hundreds of followers. I will try my best though and please remember that those I do nominate are  very special to me.

Here are the questions sent to me from Lexi and Sarah.

1. What is your favorite season and why?  My favorite season has always been fall. I love that the weather is getting a little cooler and that the world just seems to come alive with color. Living in a country for two years where the leaves do not turn into brilliant reds, yellows and oranges makes me appreciate the magic of the season even more. 

2. What is something you cant live without?  My children. This past year I have had to say goodbye to a lot of wonderful people and as hard as it was, I know each and every time I look at my son's face or feel my daughter kick in my belly that I honestly don't know how I could ever breath again without them here with me. I pray harder than anything that I never have to say goodbye to one of my children again.
3. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?  Italy!!! I have always been in love with the Tuscan hills and the old world feel. I love how life there just seems to be so relaxed and calm. The amazing views and strong family values is something that I hope our entire family can experience someday.

4. If given the ability to change one thing in this world what would you choose? Honestly, to force people to value life more. Not only their own, but also the life of others.  

5. Do you have any regrets in life?  I have moments in my life that I am not proud of, but I can't call them regrets. It was those moments that brought me to where I am and I could never change something in my past that might change my present. 

6. Why did you start blogging?  I started my first blog to share our journey as we traveled to a new country to live. Then I started this blog to share my story with trying to conceive and to find and give support down a path that needs all the support possible. I am very lucky and blessed because that wish was granted and I have met some amazing people have helped me more then they will ever know. 

7. What is your best trait?  Physical trait I would have to say my eyes, mostly because my son has my eyes and I am in love with his. :) Personality trait, I would have to say my since of humor. It has gotten me through some really tough times and when you can laugh at yourself, life is always more fun.

8. What is your worst trait?  Physical I would have to say my feet. There is nothing cute about a size 11 foot with a second toe larger than the first lol. Personality would have to be the fact that I have a hard time really trusting people. I use to trust so quickly and it got me hurt too many times. 

9. What is your best childhood memory?  Christmas. Every year my parents always made Christmas such a special and magical time of year.

10. Who are 3 people you would love to have dinner with (living or dead)?  Wow good question. The first would be my baby, just to be able to hold him or her in my arms, even for a short time would be the greatest gift ever. Never having held him or her will always leave a huge since of emptiness in my life. The second would be my brother and then I would give that dinner to my Mom. She never got to hold him after he died and I would love to give her that gift. The third would be my Grandmother from my Father's side of the family. Though she is still alive, I haven't seen or been able to speak to her in years.

11. Who is someone you miss?  I miss a lot of someones but my baby is someone who I miss fiercely. I wish I knew if by baby was a boy or a girl so I could give him/her a proper name. I wish I knew they were being taken care of they way I would and he or she knows how much I love and miss them. I will never forget you.........

As for my Liebster Blog Award nominations!!
 1.  Stone's Throw Away An amazing blog by an amazing writer. I love how she puts a special spin on even the most ordinary subjects.
2. Before The Morning  A family who with their strength in each other and in God have overcome so much.
3.Annabel Leigh Villadiego An inspiring blog about an inspiring little girl who like my niece lost her battle with T18.
4. The Macs Even after unimaginable loss this Mom still finds the strength to be an amazing and find strength in God.
5. The Kings I'm not sure if she has less then 200 followers, but after loosing her son and her husband within months, she needs all the support and love that she can get.
6.Our Baby Making Journey! I am not sure if I am suppose to include the person who nominated me, but they are very special and truly a blog you should check out!

32 weeks pregnant

Wow, where did the past 31 weeks go!?! I can not believe I am already EIGHT months pregnant! Not only am I in complete shock, but I am also completely NOT ready!!! Being sick this past few weeks has really put me behind when it comes to getting our house ready for a new baby. I am starting to really stress that it will not get finished before she arrives.

During the past few months we have been working really hard on turning our once overly cluttered basement into a new playroom/family room. With the help of my Dad and another construction worker that we hired, new sheet rock has been hung, plastered, primed and painted. A new ceiling has been put up along with new lighting, the outlets have all been replaced with kid proof ones and new closets for toys have been built. The hold up now is the floor. Because my husband and father also fell victim to the flu, the new flooring has been sitting in boxes in the corner or the room for weeks. I am really hoping that if everyone is finally feeling better, the floor can be started sometime next week.

Once the new playroom is finished, the old playroom upstairs can be converted back into a bedroom and nursery for baby girl. I think I have the colors choosen, but I have been horribly indecisive. I think I am going to go for a pale pink, white and grey room, but I just can't make up my mind. It makes me laugh because with my son, I knew exactly what his room would be the moment I found out I was pregnant. For this little one, well she will be lucky if she has a room to come home to!

Other then her nursery, we are also working on getting a place ready for the baby in our own room. I have been working really hard on cleaning, disinfecting and reorganizing. I have a long way to go, but at least it has been started. After the room is clean, I have to get working on her cradle. Before I was born, my Dad made me a cradle and when I had my son, he fixed it up and gave it to me for him to use. I still have it and really want to use it for our baby girl, but because the cradle was put into storage for many years, its in need of another face lift. That along with the fact that a squirrel decided to make the cradle its home and when we took it out of storage it was filled with paper, sticks, insulation, dirty cloth and squirrel poo. To make sure that it is safe for baby girl, I am going to sand it down, bleach it and then paint it. I have talked to our doctor about  using it, just to make sure she thinks it will be safe and she agreed that after it's makeover, it will be perfect.

Other then a place for her to sleep, the rest of the house needs a major overhaul before her arrival. I want to make sure the rugs have been cleaned. the walls have been washed and everything has been disinfected. I am not taking any chances of her getting sick when we bring her home. In fact, I am even forcing my husband to get our car detailed before we leave the hospital! I know I sound paranoid, but I am not taking any chances.

I do have a few things finished and purchased though. As boring as it might be to read, I thought I would list the things we do have for her, and what we still need. If anything, it is a good place for me to write down my list so I know what's left. Please message me if you can think of anything I am missing! I haven't done the new Mom thing for 7 years and I know there is a lot I am forgetting!

           HAVE                                             NEED         
  • Car Seat                                             Crib
  • Winter Cover for Car Seat                 Crib Mattress
  • Swing                                                 Crib Bedding
  • Play Mat                                             Dresser / Changing Table
  • Baby Carrier                                       First Aid Kit
  • Breast Pump                                       Blankets
  • Bottles                                                Pacifiers
  • Rocking Chair for the Nursery          High Chair (not right away)
  • Changing Pad and Covers                 Shampoo/Body Wash/ Lotion 
  • Crib Sheets                                        Pack n' Play
  • Clothes                                              Burp Cloths
  • Onsies                                                Bottle Brushes
  • Diaper Bag                                        Wipe Warmer
  • Cloth Diapers                                   Swaddle Blankets
  • Diaper Pail with Wet Liner               Mobile
  • Laundry Basket                                 Baby Care Kit
  • Video Monitor
  • Cradle
  • Cradle Mattress
  • Blooming Flower Bath for Sink
  • Stroller
  • Bopy Pillow
  • Books and a Few Toys

Other then getting the house ready, I am also trying to get our son ready for the fact that there really is a baby coming. I know he is beyond excited, but at the same time I don't think he realizes what a big change its going to be. I found out that the hospital we will be delivering at also provides sibling classes and even though I am not sure what they teach, I thought it would be a great opportunity for Tyson to feel more involved. I want him to feel that he is just as much apart of this process as possible. I have been talking a lot with him about how much time I will have to spend with the baby, but that I will always have special time to set aside with him. He surprised me a few weeks ago and asked if he would still be my little boy if I had a new baby. After composing myself I told him that he will always be extra special to me because he is the one that made me a Mommy, that before him I was just Ryann, but after he was born I became what I had always wanted most my entire life, a Mommy. Ever since then he has been rubbing my belly at night and saying goodnight to his sister, then he hugs me and tells me that he is glad he is extra special because he was first. I am trying to find a way to tell him that I will love both of my children the same, that I will not love one more than the other, but that yes, he is special. So far that is not as easy as I thought it would be. I am going to go to the library this week and try to find some books to help talk about a new baby coming into the family. Again, if you know of any, please leave a comment below.

As far as pregnancy symptoms now, I don't have much to complain about. I still get occasional morning sickness, but nothing that I can't handle. I am experiencing sever heartburn and acid reflux, but I am hoping the doctor can prescribe something that can help with that. For now I have been watching what I eat, putting more pillows under my head at night and keeping a supply of tums on hand at all times.

Along with the heartburn, I have acquired insomnia. I am up most of the hours of the night, now being 3:00AM, and falling asleep during the day. I am not sure if this is entirely pregnancy related or due to being sick and messing up my internal clock. Either way I know not sleeping is getting me ready to be up all night with a new baby and so I don't mind as much.

I am still leaking colostrum, but now it is in much higher amounts. I am almost to the point where I have to wear a breast pad all the time, day and night. I have had a few people tell me that I should be pumping instead of wasting good colostrum, but I know that nipple stimulation can cause early labor. So as uncomfortable as it may be, I am leaving well enough alone and stalking up in breast pads. This might be TMI, but its the truth.

On a very positive note, I have been experiencing a lot more movement and one of my families favorite evening pass times is to just sit and watch my belly rolling around. She is a very strong little girl and at times contorts my entire stomach into the strangest shapes. Tonight her back was pressed up against my side so much that my husband even got to feel her as she hiccuped. Normally he is able to watch my stomach bouncing with each hiccup, but this time he could even feel her. I can't begin to describe what it feels like when she moves, but I love that feeling so much. I am truly going to miss feeling her move inside my tummy after she is born.

As far as weight gain, so far I have not gained a pound since around 15 weeks. I did gain a lot in the beginning, but I think that was because we had just moved back from Korea and I was enjoying American food a little too much. Since then things have leveled off and I am trying to eat healthy. I did end up loosing almost 10lbs being sick, but my doctor said as long as the baby is still gaining weight, it would not be a problem. It amazes me how much the human body can protect itself, even feeding off another to get what it needs. No other time in life is having a parasite a good thing, but for now, I am happy with her taking all she needs.

From here on out I am going to do my best to make better weekly updates and list my symptoms as well as how thing are coming along with our home. Hopefully next post I will have lots of pictures for you of her nursery, my stomach and even our finished basement. Please continue to read and don't forget to subscribe for more updates.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sick Sick Sick

The flu has hit our house and has hit it hard. I have been sick since right after Christmas and my family followed suit within days. With raging fevers, horrible coughing and feeling just overall pathetic, things around here have come to a standstill. My Christmas tree is still sitting in the living room, although I did find the energy on one day to at least undecorate it. Santa and his reindeer are still around every corner, the laundry is piled a mile high, dishes are still soaking in the sink, and the dust bunnies under the bed are ready to attack the minute we let our guard down. My son, who is thankfully feeling much better, has been given a free-for-all time limit with the ipad and my husband's honey do list has scattered in the wind. 

After almost two weeks of fighting off this crud, I am off to my primary care doctor tomorrow to find out if the flu has developed into pneumonia. Hopefully with a few antibiotics (ones that I will quadruple check to make sure of their safety while pregnant) will get me feeling like I am once again amongst the living before the end of the week. Although I don't know how I will be able to stand even one more day of this coughing because hey, why sugar coat it, couching while pregnant leaves nothing but piles of extra laundry because it just can't be done without peeing yourself! At least not by me! Thankfully on the one day my husband felt well enough to venture outside of our house, he purchased two very large boxes of pads to at least give me the fighting chance to stay in the same pair of pajamas for more then a few minutes.

At least I know that baby girl is still doing wonderfully! We had another appointment on the 3rd and my doctor was very happy with her progress. Her weight and everything are right on track, although my fluid is a little low due to my own dehydration. The numbers I gave her for my sugar have been more then spot on and I am really hoping that in a few days they can confirm that the glucose test I took was in fact wrong and I am NOT diabetic. I am not going to kid myself too much though, having been so sick, I have not taken my sugar regularly in weeks. It's not that I am purposely being lazy, it's just that there is nothing to check when I can't keep a meal down. I have lost over 6lbs so far, but as long as baby girl keeps growing, it isn't too much of an issue. 

So that's where things stand at the moment. With a house full of flu ridden (and quite pathetic in my opinion) individuals who are trying there best to get better so we can continue to get our home ready for this little girl.